• Solar Home System

    Inverexpower. focuses its business activity on the field of Renewable Energy, and more specifically on Photovoltaic Solar Energy.

    The most important decision that we make when setting up a solar energy plant is selecting what materials to use or in which company we will place our trust throughout the project execution phase.

    Cost is a critical factor, but we must be fully assured that the system we are installing can be completely adapted to meet project needs and that its long-term durability is guaranteed.

    Our team focuses on developing each individual project, analysing and implementing solutions that guarantee our clients will accomplish their project objectives. In other words, they achieve a renewable energy source that optimises costs and always meets required standards and features.

    We consume approximately one third of our self-generated solar power and therefore it can help us to be more independent from increasing electricity prices and taxes. Solar based home solution will make you self-reliant and free long power cut off.


    • No high electricity bills.
    • No long load shedding.
    • Free power generation by 25 years warranted PV system.
    • Manage your power by your own choice.
    • Complete technical assistance on phone.