• Solar Fuel Station

    The problem with grid-powered electric cars, bikes, and scooters is that you never know what’s supplying their energy. Is it coal, solar, nuclear, or some combination of the three? Enter the E-Move Charging Station, a solar-powered filling station in Bozen, Denmark that can charge up to eight vehicles at the same time. With the E-Move station, you’ll always know where your vehicles power is coming from – the sun!

    INVEREX SOLAR ENERGY is focusing on the fuel station’s need to become self-reliant in power generation. Frequent power shutdowns, high oil and diesel prices and taxes have made the use of diesel gensets and utility unfavorable for fuel stations.

    To overcome these crises we design solar powered solution specifically for fuel stations to make your business independent. We provide solar panel, Battery, Hybrid inverter with monitoring system for better usage.


    • Free power generations.
    • Eliminate high bills and taxes.
    • Cutting down of diesel expense.
    • PV and electricity Monitoring.
    • No long power cut off.