• CEO Message and Mission Statement

    Inverex Power Is a leading company devoted to researching, developing, and providing renewable energy to its client on a national scale. We are committed to the cause of energy saving and environment protection through innovative technology.

    Our mission is to be the world’s leading renewable company, with a complementary network of photovoltaic and energy generation assets. We guarantee to build value for our shareholders by satisfying our client’s energy generation needs with safe, reliable and environmentally superior solution. We take pride in the outstanding environmental and safety track record we are building. And we are equally proud of our reputation as a world-class operator focused on customer services and plant production.

    We recognize that out past and future success is the result of or hardworking, unparalleled team of talented professionals. We benefit from their breadth and depth if technical expertise each day. Their unwavering dedication translates into strong performance and reliable customer services.

    At inverex power we know that being a good corporate citizen means more than providing clean energy while generation power in an environmentally sound manner. That’s why we are proud to work closely with the communities in which we do business.

    I am excited about inverex power future and the role we will play in providing the citizens of the world with safe and clean exergy solution… for generation to come,